Soft and buttery acrylics
packed full of pigment

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Soft and buttery acrylics with heavy pigment loads

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Professional Acrylic Paint Set

Free Shipping and Free Returns

Experience professional quality paints without added shipping costs — we even pay return shipping if needed.
Applies to all USA orders, no minimum spend required. International shipping is heavily discounted.

Soft Buttery Texture

Feels great on the brush, always a pleasure to work with.

High Pigment Levels

Optimal pigment ratios give you rich vivid colors, and the best coverage.

Lightfast Colors

Strong permanent colors stop your painting from fading over time.

The Real Price of Paint

Don’t get ripped off.

Cut out the middle-men, retail store overheads, and costly marketing campaigns.
We streamlined our supply chain to bring you professional paints at affordable prices.





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