How to Draw a Mandala (Easy Steps for Stunning Results)

Stressed??! Don’t worry, I’ve got just the thing. Studies have shown that drawing can significantly reduce stress levels. Today we’re going to learn how to draw a mandala. You’ll be so relaxed by the time this is over someone will have to pick you up off the floor. There are a lot of free ready-to-print mandala templates to choose from … Read More

Abstract Painting Ultimate Guide: Understand & Make Abstract Art

Abstract painting is tricky… It’s fun and interesting, but at the same time understanding abstract art can be confusing. And it’s surprisingly difficult to paint something that doesn’t look like a dog’s breakfast. Don’t worry. This guide is going to break it down for you. You’ll learn everything you need to know about contemporary abstract painting, and how to create … Read More

Acrylic Paint Art Supplies – The Ultimate Buyers Guide

Buying acrylic paint art supplies can be confusing… Sometimes it feels like they complicate things on purpose. There’s an endless amount of variations, confusing names, and labels that need a scientific degree to understand. Almost ready to give up? Don’t worry! This guide is designed to get you up to speed and painting ASAP. It covers everything you need to know … Read More

Shocking INTERPOL Art Theft Stats Reveal a Major Problem

Art theft is big business. Estimates put the losses between $4 to 6 billion worldwide. In terms of dollar value, the crime is only exceeded by drug trafficking, money laundering and arms dealing. The International Criminal Police Organization, more commonly known as INTERPOL, is the world’s largest police organization. With 192 member countries they facilitate cooperation between almost every country … Read More

Check Out These Unusual MS Paint Illustrations

This illustrator takes requests from his readers, and paints the request (no matter how strange) using Microsoft Paint. If you have ever tried to paint something using Microsoft Paint (also known as MS Paint) then you’ll know how hard this can be. It’s the most basic of basic computer painting programs. But somehow this guy pulls it off! Checkout his work … Read More

11 Jaw-Dropping Synesthesia Paintings of Popular Songs

Have you ever wondered what music LOOKS like? Well people with synesthesia can tell you. It’s a brain condition that causes your senses to merge. So you can SEE music. And one artist has turned these images in her head into beautiful pieces of art… 1. Lucky by Radiohead 2. Gravity by John Mayer 3. Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix … Read More

This is What Happens When You Can’t Decide on a Color

This guy couldn’t decide on which color to paint his wall. So he did them all! There’s 570 different colors here. All of them were hand mixed using a syringe for precise measurement, incase he wanted to recreate them in the future. The only store bought colors were Black, White, Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta. It was all hand done, no … Read More

This is What Happens When Artists Are Bored

Have you ever been so bored at work that you start playing up? Well this guy was bored at the hardware store where he works, so he renamed the paint colors. What do you think? Are the new names better or worse? Tell us in the comment section below… imgur We give them 10 points for creativity, but I don’t … Read More

Watch This Beautiful Man Get Body Painted For Science

Everyone meet Zac. He donated his body to science, essentially becoming a living lesson in human anatomy. This impressive body painting session, took over 18 hours to complete! It’s an anatomically correct recreation of the the human muscles system. Thanks for the show Zac, ahem, I mean anatomy lesson. jimllpaintit Is this art or science? I can’t tell. But it’s … Read More

5 Hypnotic Art Pics That Are Oddly Satisfying

Like sinking into a hot bath at the end of the day. 1. Try and stop watching before it ends, I dare you imgur 2. I could watch this on loop for days reddit 3. All the symetry. All the satisfaction. imgur 4. This perfectly formed speech bubble reddit 5. Or this perfectly formed tear drop! Bring a tear off … Read More