The Best Miniture Creations Ranked By A Panel of Artists

Miniture creations are everywhere now. It seems that everytime I open Facebook I see another example of someone making a cute and tiny thing. So using a very scientific process (our personal opion) we collected all our favourites and ranked. Starting from “really cool but less cool than others on this list” and ending at “the best ever mini creation”. … Read More

4 Beautiful Bob Ross Moments Every Painter Will Love

Bob Ross is a nostalgic painting icon that has a special spot in every painters heart. Checkout these beautiful facts and moments we uncovered about him. I think you’ll be more than surprised by a few of these… 1. OMG LOOK ITS BOB ROSS WITH A FAWN! Probably the cutest thing ever. imgur 2. These heart-felt words almost bring a … Read More

4 Tricky Perspective Images That Will Break Your Brain

  Warning: might hurt your head 1. This interesting way to save on electricity imgur 2. Or these two parallel universes that were spliced together imgur   3. Just let go of the bike dude!! imgur 4. Perspective really is everything imgur